PvE in Past Fate

Past Fate will introduce dungeons, raids, secrets (puzzles), treasure hunting and world bosses. All of these are viable way to have a chance to get some really powerful gear, but our plans are to make raids the end game experience when it comes to the strongest gear available. The gear comes with different qualities starting from common, enchanted, rare, epic, legendary.

Dungeons (5 player group)

After the player levels up to level 10, he / she can venture into the first dungeon. From there on, every 5-10 levels, new dungeons will be available for the players level range. These dungeons will also go up in difficulty. As an example our first dungeon in our current build; Blackfang Keep is the entry dungeon for the Morsath faction (it can still be done by the Valfalk faction, but requires the party to travel to enemy lands). Blackfang Keep is recommended for players level 10-15 and it is easy in difficulty compared to a dungeon that is recommended for levels 30+.

This to us is a good way to teach the players about the mechanics of the dungeons and what to expect from group play. Ultimately the true challenge awaits at max level dungeons, where the bosses have a chance to drop epic quality items.

Raids (25 player group)

Raids are the hardest endgame activity in Past Fate. There will be only one difficulty when it comes to raids, but the entry bosses will be easier than mid and end bosses. This helps it that players can still defeat the first few bosses to gear up and get introduced to raiding, but ultimately it will require coordinated guild to beat the mid to end level bosses.

Unlike dungeons where the last boss has a chance to drop an epic item along with its normal loot table, in raids the bosses will always drop epic quality item.

World Bosses (From Solo up to 25 players)

World bosses are bosses with random timer to when they will spawn around the world. These ancient creatures will usually take multiple raids to beat them down, but some of them can also be soloed. The way world bosses work, is that everyone who has attacked them and done certain amount of damage percentage compared to others, will have a chance to get epic quality items. This is to prevent someone from just attacking the boss once and not participating in the kill to get an item.

The soloable, smaller world bosses will test the players knowledge of their class and mechanics. It might take multiple attempts to bring the boss down, but in the end when it's done, the player will be rewarded with rare quality item and a chance for an epic quality.

Secrets & Treasure Hunting (solo)

The world is full of secrets and treasures. In Past Fate we want to reward players who will take the time to uncover a secret or to find a rare hidden treasure. Secrets, which range from easy to extremely difficult puzzles, will reward the players with either really powerful items or a new class alongside the players current class.

Treasure Hunting may also reward the players with some strong items as the world of Nendhir is filled with treasures from the old ages. We think this is a fun way to reward the players who just want to explore every corner of the world and places that may seem impossible to go to.


We also have some more content in mind when it comes to PvE in Past Fate. One of the things we've talked about is PvE version of Bounty Hunting that will reward the players with bounty coins that can be used to buy items and gear. There are still tons to do for Past Fate and we can't wait to show you what more we have for store for PvE content!